Android Angry Birds v1.5.1 Released

For the Android faithful who are fans of the multi-platform mobile Angry Birds you just might like to hit up the Android Market as Rovio has now released Angry Birds version 1.5.1 for Android for more nasty green pig battering.

According to an article over on Daily Mobile by way of their forums, Angry Birds v1.5.1 for Android features a new Wild West theme episode called Ham ‘Em High! And delivers thirty new levels of green pig destruction, and graphics toggle for lower end Android devices.

With Angry Birds v1.5.1, the Rovio team also state that gamers should watch the Rio Movie commercial during the Super Bowl as there is a hidden clue within the commercial which unlocks a special level in Angry Birds.

Other than that it’s still the same beat the crap out’a the egg thieving green pigs in their fortresses. You can download Angry Birds to your Android device running Android 1.6 and above for free from the Android Market.


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