Android Froyo Update for Samsung Epic and Fascinate Release Dates

The Android 2.2 Froyo update for the Samsung Epic 4G was supposed to hit the smartphone back on the 26th of December but of course that update never came and Sprint naturally announced that the Froyo update would come as soon as possible, but no update so far.

However that may soon change as according to an article over on Phone Dog, and by way of the guys over at Android Central, their sources are claiming that the Samsung Epic 4G will finally see Android 2.2 Froyo build EA17 release to the Epic on the 21st of this month.

Furthermore, it also appears that Samsung Fascinate owners can also look forward to gaining the Android 2.2 Froyo update as the guys say that Samsung Fascinate owners should “keep your calendars clear on or about Feb. 22.”

That said of course this is only rumour for the moment because as far as I am aware Samsung, neither Sprint, nor Verizon has officially announced the release of the Android 2.2 Froyo update for either device, but there is always a possibility this rumour may be true.


31 thoughts on “Android Froyo Update for Samsung Epic and Fascinate Release Dates”

  1. Jay says:

    Almost three months past the original "planned" release date? Too little too late IMHO. I'm done with Samsung phones. 2.2 although better than nothing now seems like a stale upgrade.

  2. Alan says:

    Stale? You act like there's been several revisions of Android since 2.2 that the masses have had their hands on and have long since left it in the dust. There's been one new version thus far and its only on a scant few phones. The wait frustration is understandable, but your comment goes beyond mere frustration and crosses into drama queen country.

  3. Bill Oawney says:

    I agree, this is pathetic and shows no signs of improvement over their past performances. Therefore no more Samsung devices for me. It's a pity the hardware is great but this software debacle makes it useless so no dice for Samsung… And Sprint better learn to talk to their customers or there will be a lot less of them in the future….

    1. papa says:

      whydont we all (those who own the verizon fascinate) carry them all into verizon and demand a new smart phone which has android 2.2 or we are through with them all period… i'd say losing a few thousand clients plus the hundreds of thousands of dollars would sure get the carrier off its crack and get down to business.. just my thought.if i had known the Fascinate was going to nickle n dime me to death ,,or rather promise me in a week then two weeks and finally they have a recall so its still not out and yet as one stated they have the 2.3 in place and want to enroll us all in the dinasoar days.
      what good does it do to buy something new only to find out it will be obsolete in a couple of months and the updates still not ready.. i say if 2.3 is ready then they had to have jumped through 2.2 to get to 2.3.. perhaps they will give us 2.3 to equal all of samsungs users out..

  4. Fulaman says:

    I hope this is real. MetroPCS released the Galaxy Indulge with froyo. This is definitely a carrier issue. Why is T-mobile the only one with Froyo no the Vibrant. Samsung released Froyo to everyone back in Sep/October I believe. It has been out in Europe forever. Can't blame Samsung here, have to say it is the U.S. carriers being up to no good.

    1. Matt says:

      I apologize for saying you are off a little, but it is actually Samsung's fault. They asked to get paid by Verizon for them to release the update. On the other side, it is also very much the Cell Phone carriers fault. They need to add their own apps and approve the software update before they can release it for download. This whole process has caused a shitstorm of trouble… which is why I am switching to the iPhone…

    2. papa says:

      i fully agree with yur statement about the delay being with the carriers..
      its already a everyone knows Verizon will shaft you if they can.. it cost them 6 bucks pretty well across the board. That had to total in the thousands of bucks lost and all because Verizon was trying to shaft its clients, but one had enough and got the names ,filed a class action lawsuit and verizon was proven guilty and i got 6 bucks like the rest had..

  5. Blzt says:

    samsung makes the best phone. the modded roms always runs better than stock. im using epic experience and run through the phone from 330am to 2pm and still have battery remaining if I want to run flash I use a seperate browser. I think android being a new platform was going to run into fragmentation issues. I am positive google was a bit surprised by the level of popularity of its platform. hehe

    screw the iphone. the iphone was designed for noobs. apple was designed for noobs. this will always be the case. whenver you want to modify something, it's such a pain in the butt.

    android and windows is not a noobs phone

  6. Drew says:

    I understand the frustration and I understand not wanting an epic phone anymore despite the far superior hardware but I don’t understand switching to an iphone which lacks in hardware, software, modding capabilities the iphone was great when the 3g came out ever since other phones have followed suit and greatly enhanced what the iphone started where the iphone has barely made progress not to mention the pain in the ass itunes is for iphones or ipods. If you want to switch phones switch to the evo or something like that android will always be far superior to apple os because apple doesn’t care about pleasing customers they only are concerned about controlling customer behavior which is socialist communist bullshit

  7. Curt says:

    This really pathetic. Why should i have to pay for a phone that gets NO updates what so ever??? Why does all of the other Android phones get there updates and we still have to wait, like 4 months after the 1st release date!! Im so over this now. Im gonna buy an iPhone 4:)

  8. papa says:

    the only reason i have enot rooted my fascinate with 2.1 froyo.. there are advantages that are right down my alley.. like some programs pf importance not relaying to verizon my every move.. i just fear the day i root the darned 2.2 or maybe even 2.3 would come along and i'd be stuck in my rooted phone..some say one can run a rom on the phones and that they usually have a way to recover back to standard stock phone, then run raight back into root which is sometimes called jail break.. difference is the thering.. and what it can do

    there is another thig that bugs the crap outta me…. that is all these sites and blogs not keeping the post up tp date.. crap i read more than one that was written back in july 2010(etc.) sayin the updates are here.. dump the junk mods so we can read the possible truth

  9. Chris says:

    Ok, I work for verizon first off. To all off you who feel youre going to solve your cry baby issues with samsung by switching to the iphone youre in a fantasy world. Froyo is already ready to be released. I know this because the leak was confirmed. Samsung is a little slow when it comes to releasing updates but this is verizons issue not samsung. By the way, even without the update the fascinate I’d still better than every droid released by motorola that has 2.2 and is 10x better than the iphone. Quit your crying.

    1. Jerry says:

      Wah wah wah wah wah. Chris just said it. Even though I was told when I bought the phone that 2.2 would be coming out any day now (in october) and even though Samsung has been working on this forever I should quit crying because Chris said to stop. All Verizon and Samsung has to do is just come out with it. Don't expect it anytime soon because it's just not on their list of priorities. Sorry Chris but this just took too long. For the cash we lay out updates should be expected when they become available. I doubt any money was spent on testing 2.2 until early 2011. There is no straight answer from Verizon or Samsung so rumors are all we can cling onto. The phone is nice I own it with 2.1 but I'm not excited over updates they just don't happen with this phone. I have lowered my expectation with Samsung their product support is behind the competition.

    2. Bill says:


      I am a former Verizon Wireless employee and I would caution you to not mention that in a phone forum. Especially when you're talking about their products and certain release dates regarding them. I am sure they would want to have you and your two cents represent them in these forums…your punctuation and grammar would be enough to terminate employment.

    3. Dan says:

      Thanks Chris, good to know that people working for Verizon tell their customers to quit crying over Verizon's refusal to support their products with updates when they've been promised. It's very reassuring to know that, even though we pay a premium for premium products, the business is perfectly willing to tell us to shut up and deal with them shafting us. I especially find it wonderful news that they can advertise an offer to me when they're trying to sell me a product and not follow through. Tell me, Chris, please – is Verizon TRYING to lose customers? Or is it just you? And I'm sure you're their favorite employee as well, correct? I sell you a phone, telling you an update will be out very soon – and never update it – and it's perfectly okay for me to say "Oh shut up, I'm making money on this newer model, so screw off!"?

  10. Csp32341-33 says:

    Chris from verizon. Your statement was not necessary and unethical. You will be notified by my company in the near future which is affiliated with Verizonwireless to determine you further employment with such company based on your radical comments while associating yourself as an employee of Verizonwireless.

    1. rob says:

      Well who is your company Mr. Bad@ss. And if your so close to Verizon tell them to get off their butts and release 2.2 and stop acting like feminine hygiene product.

  11. Liz says:

    I have the samsung fascinate and have enjoyed it for the most part, except for the minor bugs. I still prefer the droids over the Iphone, I would just love to finally be at a 2.2 like everyone else. And were not crying Chris, were just aggravated. Who wouldnt want there phone to be as updated as possible to offer the best service?

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