Apple iPad 2 Now In Production Will Be Thinner and Lighter

More news on the anticipated next generation Apple iPad today as apparently the word is Apple has started producing their latest tablet device; the Apple iPad 2, and apparently the new tablet will be thinner and lighter than its predecessor.

According to an article over on 9to5 Mac by Marc Gurman, the Wall Street Journal is reporting that according to the usual “people familiar with the matter,” Apple has begun manufacturing the Apple iPad 2 which will sport a faster processor and a camera.

Apparently the Apple iPad 2 is to be lighter and thinner than the Apple iPad along with having a powerful graphics processor and more memory, and the tablet will sport a front facing camera for such things as video conferencing, no confirmation on if the new iOS device will have a rear camera though; however the 9to5 Mac guys say it will probably sport a 1 megapixel rear camera.

The Apple iPad 2 will become available to customers via both AT&T and Verizon although not through T-Mobile and Sprint.

Release wise it has been rumoured that the Apple iPad 2 may see release in April, and as Apple have now begun producing the device it is possible that the iPad 2 will gain that April release. We have the full WSJ video report for your viewing pleasure below…enjoy.


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  1. The iPad 2 may be in production but that does not mean it will produce something that we will consider "magic" or something that will "change everything" again when compared to these other tablets on the market.

    Here are 3 things that the iPad will need to kill its Android's Honeycomb platform: http://goo.gl/9zD3H

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