INQ Facebook Phone Video Preview

There have in the past been many rumours of a Facebook phone and all those rumours have been denied by Facebook with them saying there are no plans for a Facebook phone. However it would appear that INQ have come up with the next best thing.

Although the INQ device isn’t actually the “Facebook phone” hat’s been speculated about on many occasions, rather the smartphone has been optimised for Facebook and will be known as the INQ Cloud Touch, and another model of the device sporting a QWERTY keyboard will come later and be known as the INQ Cloud Q.

What we do have though is some video footage of INQ channel manager Andrew Bennet demonstrating their Facebook optimised INQ Cloud Touch to the guys of Tech Crunch, which delivers a three minute close up look at Facebook on the handset.

The INQ Cloud Touch runs the Android operating system with a new integrated experience for Facebook with visual Facebook feeds being delivered to the centre of the device whilst arrows enable the user to flip through their friends shared stuff, videos, photos, latest status updates and such.

It’s far easier for you to jump on down and check out the INQ Cloud Touch Facebook demonstration footage so you can get a better idea of what the device can do with Facebook, so get to it, and feel free to voice your opinions to our comments area below…enjoy


One thought on “INQ Facebook Phone Video Preview”

  1. Dave Rivers says:

    My partner and I both have these phones. The have a HUGE fault- they SWITCH THEMSELVES OFF – It sucks, it renders the phone useless. At first we thought it was only when they were hooked into facebook, but it appears to be still happening even tho we have now stopped using them for fbk. Anyways I would advise anyone thinking of getting one to rethink, as we now need to take them in for repairs, could take forever. I wish I had a Nokia



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