BlackBerry PlayBook to Play Nice with Android Apps

Perhaps Research In Motion is under the impression that their new BlackBerry PlayBook tablet won’t be up to the job of challenging the likes of the Apple iPad, perhaps RIM is thinking along the lines of when Apple finally releases the Apple iPad 2, the BlackBerry PlayBook will need something extra.

Well apparently that something extra will be Android apps, as according to an article over on the Boy Genius Report by Jonathan S Geller, Bloomberg is reporting that multiple sources of the unnamed kind, have said that Research In Motion is working on software that will allow the integration of Android applications on their BlackBerry PlayBook.

According to the sources, RIM at first looked outside the company but is now developing the software internally with a view to possibly having the software ready by the 2nd half.

Combining BlackBerry security along with the ability to use Android’s 130,000 apps, RIM hopes to draw customers to the BlackBerry PlayBook, commented independent wireless analyst Chetan Sharma.

So what do our readers think on this matter, is it a good idea for RIM to bring Android apps to the BlackBerry platform, or do you feel both should never be combined?

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