Android Apps: Best 5 For Weight Loss

In this weight conscious age people are always looking for new ways to shed a few extra pounds of weight and gain that slimmer physique, most exercising equipment is expensive, but there are a few mobile apps that can help you achieve that weight loss goal.

So if you own an Android device and looking to lose a few pounds we thought we’d bring you out pick of the best five Android diet and weight loss apps available on the Android Market, so let’s get right to it…

First up we have the Deit2Go app, a successful dieting tool, which guides the user thought, their weight loss attempt and features the largest and constantly growing dietary plans for every preference, lifestyle and taste.

The Diet2Go app for Android delivers weight loss estimates based on physical characteristics, delivers a complete grocery list for each plan, body mass index calculator, tips and tricks, and a new diet plan every 2-weeks. The Diet2Go app is available to download as a free app from the Android Market.

Next we have the WWPoints Diary app, an application with a Weight Watchers diet points calculator, food database tracker and widget for those wishing to loss weight in both the US and the UK which auto-selects US plans for US smartphones.

The WWPoints Diary app offers a daily allowance calculator along with support for nursing mothers, online and offline access to the food database with access to points on over 20000 items, full tracker with a 49 weekly allowance, a widget so you can see weight loss ad daily points on the home page, barcode scanner to check points value on foods scanned. The WWPoints Diary app can be downloaded to your handset for a cost of £1.89

Then we have the Personal Dietitian Free app, which is for the user that wants to have a healthier lifestyle along with improved eating habits and includes diet plans and weight tracker with charts and useful tips.

The Personal Dietitian Free app features nutrition facts, weight tracker in pounds, stones or kilograms, body mass index calculator, dietary plans, healthy choices of diet food combinations, weight loss and diet tips, and a weight chart/graph. The Personal Dietitian Free app as the name suggest is free to download from the Android Market.

Next we have the Weight Loss for Cardio Trainer app, however with this weight loss portion of the Cardio Trainer program you will be required to download the free CardioTrainer app for it to work.

The Weight Loss for Cardio Trainer app enables the user to lose weight without counting calories, all the users does is set their plan and goal, weight themselves once a week and the app calculates calorie intake, along with auto-calorie calculations over 40 exercise types along with exercise reminders, The Weight Loss for Cardio Trainer app is free to download to your chosen Android smartphone.

Lastly we have the Hypnosis for Weight Control app, which uses the power of self-hypnosis to control your weight and boost unconscious determination enabling the user to feel confidant they can achieve their weight loss goal.

The Hypnosis for Weight Control app features stunning user interface and animation design, background brainwave settings, tips for quieting the mind, playback progress control and playback repeat settings, enabling your subconscious to end your struggles with weight loss. The Hypnosis for Weight Control app is again a free app from the Android market.

So there you have it our five best weight loss apps for your Android device; however if you have a favourite weight loss app you are already using and works for you feel free to share it in our comments area below.


5 thoughts on “Android Apps: Best 5 For Weight Loss”

  1. It is simple: eat less and move more. Applications are a tool. By the end of the day you find motivation within and not from an application.

    Many of the applications are just concerned about calorie intake. But straight out: I hate prepared, packaged food. Not just packaged but frozen food.

    I’d rather eat fresh food out of the garbage in New York City before I eat packaged food that can linger in your fridge for 2 years.

    Is it unrealistic to live life unpackaged in this way? Does Nutrisystem, a pre-packaged food weight loss delivery system, have a role in today’s society?

    (NOTE: I use the term Nutrisystem, but there are plenty of companies doing the same thing, such as Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, The South Beach Diet, eic. When I say “Nutrisystem,” I include all such plans.

    Nutrisystem (and other plans) means instant success NOT!)

    Sure: Fatter, bigger and more, more, more. This is the concept of crowd eating. Super size me at McDonald’s, Burger King, Sam’s Club or Costco.

    Go into any restaurant and you will see the humongous serving sizes that are offered. What’s expected That you will, without inhibition, eat till the last piece of food is consumed and the plate is cleaned.

    Portion control is overturned by “more is better” or “more is cheaper.” Nutrisystem does a fantastic job of helping you to control your portions; no doubt about it.

    It comes prepackaged. You don’t have to count the calories. Or guess the serving size. It is easy and convenient to use. And it doesn’t ask you to “super size me” for $1.

    It tastes good

    Here are some sample menus:

    • Light, fluffy pancakes with syrup (Possible addition: Canadian Bacon and strawberries) (Breakfast),

    • Ice Cream Sandwich (Desert),

    • Apple Strudel Bar (Breakfast),

    • Fudge Graham Bar (Lunch),

    • Cheese Puffs (Dessert),

    • Cinnamon Bun (Breakfast),

    • Mashed Potatoes with Meatloaf with steamed Green beans (Dinner),

    • Cheese Tortellini (Lunch)….****

    Wouldn’t anything that tastes sweet taste great? Sugar is a flavor enhancer. It turns the taste of your food from fine to fantastic.

    And doesn’t this remind you on the Twinkies diet guy? He ate Twinkies and occasionally, vegetables and he lost weight. And yes, fewer calories can help you lose weight. Basic science. The point is proven ages ago.

    The very, very ugly

    I couldn’t agree more that it is a tool. A short-term tool that will help you to get back on track. Yet, for a long-term approach, it does not work. Here are the reasons why:

    • You don’t get enzymes you need for efficient food digestion from cooked, preserved foods

    • You take in fewer vitamins, which affects optimum cellular function

    • You don’t get as many antioxidants to fight off free radicals

    • Sugar suppresses immunity within minutes of its consumption*

    • Sugar causes high circulating levels of insulin

    • And greater deposition of fat

    • Sugar greatly hinders healing

    • Yeast thrive on sugars (yeast infection – candidasis and thrush)**

    • Sugar is damaging to your skin; it attaches to the protein collagen, causing it to “crosslink.” Collagen becomes stiff and inflexible, leading to wrinkling, stiffness and old-looking skin***

    Convenience food that is processed is not convenient when it causes such health-damaging effects. It is an inconvenient truth when cancer, diabetes, and infections take hold in our body. And accelerated aging we can now add to this list. ***

    Eat Nutrisystem long-term if you don’t care about yourself.

    Weight loss is just one measure of improving your health.

    Stay focused,


  2. Herablife – has a great 12 week training program that you can use to learn about nutrition and healthy lifestyle. Its one hour a week providing support and weekly weight loss weigh ins. You don't have to use the products to loss the weight, but it will help you because they are high protein shakes or bars. Just the information in the course is worthwhile.

    They are growing their presence with the Weight Loss Challenges (12 week courses and if you can't find one locally you can join Herbalife and start your own. I lost 10lbs in 6 weeks so it works.

  3. Jeremybitter says:

    Any tracking app can help you become more conscious of what you are taking in and use that to your advantage and health. I tried the Weight Watchers Diary app, but found that the items in it were generic, and not specific to the brands and portions of foods I consume, which would result in a GREAT DEAL of manual data entry for me- not a good match. The best I have found so far is the FREE Fat Secret App. It features a barcode scanner that saves oh so much time and hassle. Still the best so far.

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