No iPhone 5 But Possibly an iPhone 4X Version

Thinking Apple will unveil the iPhone 5 later in the year? Well apparently some think otherwise and that Apple won’t push out an entire new iPhone 5 but rather a refined version of the iPhone 4, which has been dubbed the iPhone 4X.

The interesting article over on Info World, Galen Gruman says, “don’t be surprised that there’s no iPhone 5 shown in June” as Apple has rationed their major redesigns to every 2 or 3 years whilst pushing out smaller yearly updates.

Thus apparently we can expect a “refined model of the iPhone 4” an iPhone 4X, but not the major redesign expected with the iPhone 5.

Based on Apple’s “typical practice” here’s what Gruman says we can expect…the iPhone 4X will be faster and thinner, the home button might become virtual, possibly a 64GB model, world capable CDMA and GSM, possibly an SD slot, microUSB port, and enhanced haptic response, and Gruman suspects the majority of these will come via iOS.

So there you have it and although it’s only one guy’s opinion, he does throw some good points out there. Will Apple unveil the iPhone 5 in June, I don’t know, perhaps it will be just a refined version of the Verizon iPhone, maybe Apple won’t unveils a new iPhone at all. Will it be called the iPhone 4X? Doubtful, as I think it sounds too similar to a certain Australian lager.

So what do our readers think the next iPhone may be named? Do you have your own thoughts and desires on what a new iPhone should deliver this time round? Feel free to voice your opinions in our comments area below.


6 thoughts on “No iPhone 5 But Possibly an iPhone 4X Version”

  1. Zoltari says:

    SD slot won't happen – every year someone says it will included; every year it fails to appear.

    I expect the iPhone 5 to be pretty much what the 3GS was to iPhone 3 – an iPhone 4GS really:

    They fix the antenna problems, make the processor a little faster, screen identical, case a little thinner, other than that, I think you will be hard pressed to tell the difference. Oh yes, battery life will be worse, and some new bug will be introduced that will take three updates to fix… Business as usual really.

  2. Greg says:

    yea definitely no SD slot. and i was just thinking about how its not going to be a major update just like how the went fro the 3g to the 3gs. and people keep throwing around dual core processors but idk im iffy on that subject. apple isnt one to jump to more advanced technology without thoroughly testing it. 2 cores would drain the battery faster and unless the management of the cores is up to apple's standards they wont put it in and just make the processor faster. maybe micro usb but i doubt it unless governments force them to change. and definitley NOT 4G LTE! i cant stand when ppl say that like its a fact. although i could be wrong but it leans a lot towards a no for LTE in the next iphone. verizon's LTE network is only in 38 cities which really isnt much at all compared to teh whole US and verizon's coverage. and apple didnt but 3G in the first iPhone so why would they put 4G when its so young in the next iPhone. idk about how big LTE is outside the US but im talking from a US release point of view.

  3. qwalos says:

    While presenting the features of the iPhone 4, Steve listed the ff.
    Aplle A4 Chip
    Up to 32 GB of storage, Quad-band, HSDPA/HSUPA
    7.2Mbps down
    5.8Mbps up – and added "That is theoretical because Carriers don't support this yet, but when they do, we're ready" Where are the carriers? How far have they started utilizing the capacity that the iPhone has? And given that the Verizon's CDMA iPhone just came out, and should also be upgraded the same as GSM iPhones, there is no point in introducing iPhone 5. We're not in a "Nokialand", where they shamelessly and cruelly make phones apparently for not to satisfy a real need, but just to ROB the vast "phone-illiterate" consumers. Their fast changing Alphabets-cum-Digits is not comforting. They are not only blinding but confusing, making marionettes of many of the users. An IPone 4 update is ok.

  4. oscar says:

    creo que si viene un iphone 5 or 6 or 7 es lo mismo y lo que la mayori ade gente no capta es que todo esto nos llevara al fin aunque mucha gente no lo entienda es todo esto parte de un plan de los gobiernos pa el final de todo ahora si todos con los telefonos mas avanzados ya sean iphone verizon att o htc etc ahora si el que no tenga un cell con el nombre y apellido y una identificacion interna de datos dentro de nuestros cuerpos no podra comprar ni vender asi que amigos en nombre de la humanidad habran los ojos y disfrutemos la tecnologia mientras se pueda por que habra un time en donde ya no podremos hacer uso de ella sin antes avernos identificado en nuestros cuerpos con un chip atentos a los proximos anos por favor y gosemos la tecnologia por ahora amigos suerte a todos

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