Could HTC Flyer Take on Apple iPad 2 and BlackBerry PlayBook

As you are probably aware, HTC has unveiled their first device within the tablet arena, their Android HTC Flyer, and although HTC is coming a little late to the game as the HTC Flyer doesn’t support Android Honeycomb could the device stand up to its rivals?

According to an article over on Itporportal, they hope that the 7-inch HTC Flyer will stand a chance against the Apple iPad 2 although the device will probable be compared to the likes of the Samsung Galaxy Tab.

The word is HTC expects to release the HTC Flyer sometime in the second half of the years, probably near the same time as the BlackBerry PlayBook and of course the Apple iPad 2.

But would the HTC Flyer stand a chance against the BlackBerry PlaBook and iPad2? Well when you consider the Motorola Xoom and other tablets should be out around that time and carrying Android Honeycomb, perhaps the HTC Flyer is at a disadvantage before it starts.

Whatever the case, we all know that the Apple iPad 2 will do the usual for Apple sales, and the BlackBerry PlayBook should be a big winner for RIM, but whether the Flyer will be a big hit for HTC remains to be seen. HTC Flyer first look video for your viewing consideration below…enjoy.

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