Orange Android Devices Gaining Gestures and Live Wallpapers

Orange is ramping up its customer base with two new innovative technologies called Orange Gestures and Orange Live Wallpapers on Orange’s signature devices starting from Q2 2011.

Orange Android devices are gaining Orange Gestures and Orange Smart Live Wallpapers that will make the homescreen a pleasant place to be, these two new features are exclusive to Orange Android Signature smartphones and the Live Wallpapers will feature six new ‘smart’ wallpapers.

Orange Gestures will feature 27 designs that will allow users to assign to an action or application, for example launching a weather widget, speed dialing, sending a text and so forth. In a nutshell you no longer need to scroll, click multiple things to launch an app or even search with the new Gestures feature.


“For example, if Rachel texts her best friend Alison frequently, once a gesture is assigned to this action Rachel can draw a square, which launches a text to Alison; alternatively, drawing a heart will automatically enable Bob to phone his wife, without having to access his phone screen or address book.”

We will keep you posted if we hear any more on the above; in the meantime just remember that Orange Gestures and Live Wallpapers will hit Orange Android Signature smartphones somewhere around Q2 2011.

Please do visit source links: www.orange.com, www.francetelecom.com, www.orange-business.com

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