National Battery Day: Mobile Phones Without Life

Today is National Battery Day and it would be hard to imagine a mobile phone without life, so for fun we are asking all owners to pull out their batteries to show support.

Today February 18, which happens every year is ‘National Battery Day’ and we should all respect the battery because without it we would all be left without gadgets like mobile phones whilst on the move.

Can you ever fathom your mobile handset without one? So for fun and respect for the battery we are asking you all grab your mobile phone and pull the battery out for a few minutes, one it shows you what it will be like without a mobile phone and it is always good to pull the battery to give your handset a quick reboot.

If you feel more in the mood for fun please email us a picture of you and your mobile phone with the battery out to mark@phonesreview.co.uk

For more info about National Battery Day please visit Holiday Insights

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