Angry Birds To Play Nice On Windows Phone 7

For those who own a Microsoft Windows Phone 7 device who haven’t as yet been able to get in on some thieving green pig crushing action via the highly successful multi-platform game Angry Birds, you just might be getting to play nice with Angry Birds in the not too distant future.

According to an article over on Unwired View and by way of the guys over at Pocket-lint, Angry Birds maker Rovio has told Pocket-lint they are planning to bring the popular mobile game to the Windows Phone 7 platform.

Apparently Peter Vesterbacka, of Rovio has said… “We’re working on it,” and that it is Microsoft that has held up Angry Birds coming to Windows Phone 7, saying…”Let’s just say, Microsoft has a lot of lawyers.”

However, just when WP7 is likely to see a version of Angry Birds is not yet known, so it could take donkeys or happen quite soon. Other Angry Birds news though is that Rovio is currently working on pushing out a 3D version of the popular game, and again no word on when we’re likely to see that.

So there you have it, are our Windows Phone 7 sporting readers happy that they may soon be able to squash some thieving green pigs with an onslaught of devilish, feathered demons?


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