U.S. Presidents List iOS App Great for Kids

If you are studying at school, college or university and want all the information on each U.S. President to date then this iOS app is definitely for you, we say this app is great for kids and of course adults.

This is a great all round app to have on your iOS device as it is one of the best education and information apps on the app store, how much do you know about each President to date?

This application will let you know all about each President, where they lived and history that will help you understand, this app is all a great application for Test preparation. It is very easy to use where users can touch the portrait of a desired President and all information will pop up in front of you revealing all.

Main features Include: Their term dates, Beautiful portraits of each President, When they lived, If and which currency they are on, Which political party the president belonged to and Who the Vice President was.

This app also features an updated app info page, improved loading and overall performance, improved selection of Presidents and a few bug fixes to give you the perfect app.

For more information on U.S Presidents iOS app please visit iTunes, and as usual if you have this application installed please do send in your personal reviews and opinions. Thanks

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