Windows Phone 7 Update is Live: Oh Dear Me

Yes you can sit right on the edge of your chair because the new Windows Phone 7 update is live, if you are on the edge of your seat we might suggest you shimmy on back into an upright position because it is nothing special, oh dear me.

Microsoft give their due has finally released its new update to Windows Phone 7 but it is only a pre-update so to speak design specifically to prepare your WP7 handset for the real imminent software update.

This new update that has gone live does NOT and we say does NOT feature third-party multitasking, cut and paste functionality, if you are waiting for these in the update you will have to wait until March. Before you get annoyed it has been said by sources below that this update is still very important because it helps the full release update next month easier and better.

This new update is being rolled out bit-by-bit (Gradually), you will get an alert on your device when available, it is not an OTA update; USB tethering to the Zune software (for Windows users) or Windows Phone 7 Connector (for Mac OS X users) will be needed according to Arstechnica.

Please check out the Microsoft published history page to allow updates to be tracked, if you have anything to say about this new update please do scroll down a little and post all your comments. Thanks

Sources — Pocket-Lint


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  1. Runningman51 says:

    I just received my update and the process went very smoothly. There were not supposed to be any performance enhancements but my Samsung Focus is noticeably faster and it was already quicker than my Android.

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