Case study: Diabetic Friend iPhone App

Diabetic Friend is an online community that helps people with diabetes manage their condition and share their stories.

Tecmark developed an iPhone app for Diabetic Friend, called DF Diary, which lets users record their glucose levels, what they have eaten, and what medication they have taken.

DF Diary incorporates a UK food database, which shows the nutritional content (calories, carbohydrates, sugars, fat and saturated fat) for around 6,500 separate items, and a UK restaurant database, which updates automatically and helps people manage their diet.

The app also lets users calculate their carb: insulin ratio, and suggests the appropriate insulin dose. Additionally, it produces graphs showing glucose readings, nutritional targets and medication, which can be emailed to the user or their doctor, and syncs with www.diabeticfriend.co.uk to ensure that data on the app and the website stay concurrent.

Richard Heyes, MD at Tecmark, says, “As mobile Internet usage continues to soar, organisations will increasingly benefit from linking their conventional web presence with mobile apps or other mobile-optimised content in this way.”

DF Diary iPhone App Main Features: Keep an online diary of your blood sugar levels, medication and nutritional values, Currently 13 restaurants and increasing, to help control what you are eating, it also features A database of English foods showing Calories, Carbs, Sugar, Fat & Sat Fat, plus Help carb counting and this app also gives a data in graph form to help you and your healthcare team.

You can buy this app via iTunes for only £1.79 if you already have this app we would love for you to send in your personal review. Thanks

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