White iPhone 5 Is On The Cards

Well now here’s one rumour that just might perk up those iPhone faithful that have seen that the next generation iPhone may be delayed until September, remember the elusive white iPhone 4 that never materialised? Well we could well be seeing a white iPhone 5.

According to an article over on Engadget by way of DigiTimes and by way of the Economic Daily News, that beast of a smartphone that is more elusive that the mythical unicorn or Pegasus, is on the cards as the Economic Daily News reports that Wintek will be the exclusive supplier of the white touch panels for the iPhone 5.

Furthermore according to the Economic Daily News report, Apple is to focus on the paler than pale model of the iPhone 5, so perhaps Apple feels they let their faithful followers down too much by not delivering on the white iPhone 4?

However; this should still only be treated as rumour as apparently Wintek declined to comment, and no doubt Apple is keeping the usual closed mouth on anything to do with Apple gear. So will our iPhone toting reader be overjoyed and drooling at the bit if Apple finally manages to deliver a white iPhone 5?


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  1. I have news for you guys. Apple created the “idea” of a white iPhone in order to take control of the media.

    In an interview exclusive with Steve Jobs he goes on to say …” Apple makes such amazing products and we get the press whipped up so well, we can announce a product that we have absolutely no intention to ever make…”

    Its all about marketing. You can watch the interview here: goo.gl/HWvZF

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