Motorola Xoom Bootloader: Devs Can Access Hardware

Good news for developers who wish to access the hardware within the Motorola Xoom, the new tablet PC will be blessed with unlockable and relockable bootloader.

According to BGR Motorola at last have decided to forget the normality of locking down its hardware and software and decided to open its doors a little and bring to the table the Motorola Xoom Bootloader.

This will enable developers to access the hardware for development, which is great news and can see a few smiles beaming right about now. The Xoom is the first ever Android 3.0 tablet and to see the above happening is fantastic news for some. You may want to read about final Android 3.0 Honeycomb platform and updated SDK Tools that are now available why we are on the Android subject.

Android Community brings up something interesting mentioning that the new upcoming Motorola Atrix 4G bootloader is completely locked.

The news update the Motorola Xoom Bootloader came via Twitter and the tweet says .@RobBull the XOOM will have an unlockable/relockable bootloader that will enable developers to access hardware for development.

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