Buy HTC Thunderbolt, Not Yet Sorry March 4 Now

Oh dear me, or shall we say oh poor you because remember we mentioned about the HTC Thunderbolt being delayed, of course you do; well its been delayed yet again.

If you had “Buy HTC Thunderbolt” in your mind you will have to think again because this smartphone delay is getting longer, our previous article reported that the handset was supposed to be released February 24th then that changed to the 28th.

Well according to a few sources such as HTCPedia and Android Police it will not be release not until March 4th, they got this information about the delay via a tweet from a Best Buy in Roseville confirming it.

So the HTC Thunderbolt has gone from 24th to the 28th and now to MARCH 4TH, now come on HTC please shed some light on this matter, is the delay down to software or could it be hardware, or could it be worse and Verizon has problems with its LTE network?


34 thoughts on “Buy HTC Thunderbolt, Not Yet Sorry March 4 Now”

  1. guest says:

    This is getting rediculous! I've been checking pretty much daily on an release date for this phone and have heard nothing but rumors and nothing from verizon, htc, or best buy. Your going to lose a lot of people Verizon and HTC to the Atrix or others by keep pushing it back and more importantly not informing your potential customers of what the heck is going on!

  2. Jeff E. says:

    Every Best Buy is saying something different. Im so sick of waking up each morning and seeing a different report that someones "source" gave them a release date. Well since none of these trash sources have been right i'll just assume March 4th isnt true either. Verizon could at least pretend like they care about their customers/potential customers and give some sort of update of whats going on with the phone.

  3. Doug says:

    So let me get this straight. Some from Best Buy Tweets that "HTC Thunderbolt launch has been delayed 🙁 It looks like it may launch on Thursday, March 4th. Stay tuned for more info." and that means it's true? So called Best Buy "leaks" have been behind a lot of these rumored release dates. Have you all noticed that no two Best Buy stores have had the same story regaurding the launch date? Have you also noticed that all the Best Buy "leaks" have been wrong? Also, if you can read, you will see that leaked tweet says "It looks like it may launch on Thursday, March 4th." Since when is "it may launch" and actual confirmed date? Get with it, Verizon has not announced an Official Release date at all. Until they do, you can't call any of these missed "rumored" dates a delay.

    1. Julie says:

      In my opinion this is not a reliable statement either. Have you noticed it says Thursday, March 4th? March 4th is a Friday. Don't you think if whoever tweeted this statement were someone who had an "official" date they would get the day of the week right? This is ridiculous. If Verizon doesn't step up and give some kind of information they are going to lose a lot of customers, including myself.

  4. Jay says:

    i hope that the delay is due to a business standpoint and not a glitch in the technology. I think it was too soon for Verizon to release another phone after the initial release of the iphone. With the technology the TB promises, even a low level tech junky like myself would suck it up and wait for the TB or maybe even the Bionic.

  5. edward scott says:

    It is obvious that Verizon is trying to emulate Apple and build anticipation and enthusiasm for the Thunderbolt by remaining silent and allowing rumor and speculation to run rampant. Otherwise Verizon would be releasing updates like any responsible multi-national corporation. Unfortunately Verizon does have the talent and imagination Apple has and at this point they are only aggravating everyone. Business as usual for Verizon.

  6. Syed says:

    I like how the best buy tweet about thursday march 4 release didnt even look at a calendar. March 4 is a Friday. Not a big deal but doesnt seem like a real official sounding message if the date is wrong. Another rumor to fuel the fire.

  7. Tom says:

    Dear God, this is ridiculous. I pre-ordered this phone 3 weeks ago and i was really excited bc it's the phone thor would have and i would only have to wait 2 weeks for it. How can they keep getting me so damn excited then take it away from me by repeatedly pushing it back. I hate this stupid envy touch, worst phone ever. Just give me a solid release date, and keep your word on deadlines. They might as well change it to April 1st and then have all the boxes empty with a piece of paper saying APRIL FOOLS.

  8. Chris T says:

    We went to a Best Buy in Tx last night for the FOURTH time to get our "pre-order" money back because this is so stupid!! So, I decided to let the Best Buy employee humor me with another false release date. First, several employees had never even HEARD of the Thunderbolt (that eased my mind…NOT), second, the sales rep stated that it would be released on the 28th. I told her that I had heard it may be March, even April! So she says "Let me check my employee news". She gets on her computer and POOF the original "news report" of the thunderbolt being released on the 28th is gone. She couldn't find ANY information on this phone. So guess what? We won't be renewing our contract with Verizon. This is a bunch of crap!

  9. Rooster says:

    These blog 'news' updates are a joke. They only value they have to me is a potential report that the damn phone is actually being sold. As I see it all these blog reports are, is one 20ish fanboy blogging about what he heard another 20ish fanboy blogging about that he heard from some Best Buy geek.

  10. MGR says:


  11. Anonymous says:

    I have to admit, seeing all these posts by BB and who ever else is getting annoying. I work for Verizon and I have yet to hear an official release date regarding the TB. I am getting impatient waiting for it, but there really isnt much you can do about it. I, and I'm sure alot of other people, would appreciate it if Verizon would step up to the plate and own the phone that they are promoting so much. But again there isnt much anyone can do about it. So until then we just wait.

  12. John says:

    Thats odd idk why people complain, and idk why people keep saying its delayed… Just because a monkey told you a date doesnt mean its the official date…. BTW IPHONE 10 COMES OUT NEXT WEEK GUYS APPLE BETTER NOT DELAY THIS IPHONE 10 GUYS IPHONE 10!!! NEXT WEEK

    1. Anonymous says:

      Wow!! This one gets posted but my last one doesnt? Is that because I am not adding fuel to the fire? Is it because I actually stated a fact? Hmmmm. Interesting. Makes me think these posts and blogs are just some morons trying to stir up more people.

  13. Laurie says:

    You are all kidding, right? No official annoucement regarding a release date EVER came from Verizon or HTC. All of the so called "release dates" came from Best Buy or some other genius out there with access to a computer. I went to my local Verizon store this morning and asked about the TBolt. The response was, and I quote: "We do not have an official release date. We never have. All that we know is that it will be soon." Of course, everyone's definition of soon is different.

    I have, in the last week, noticed a couple of TBolt commercials being shown regularly. Each one says "coming soon."

    So, really, if you fell into the hype trap, it's your own fault.

  14. Art says:

    Doug, you are so right on this. These rumors are creating a firestorm. The only official information regarding the release was at the CES and they said it will be between March and the end of April. People don’t get carried away! Just because RUMOR dates have come and gone doesn’t mean there is something wrong. Remember what they say about when you assume. Verizon and HTC hasn’t come out and given us a firm date probably because they still don’t know yet.

  15. Art says:

    And for all those who are threatening to leave Verizon, PLEASE GO! I wasn’t too thrilled about the iPhone coming with all the new subscribers sucking up all the bandwidth.

    PMJohn, I want the iPhone10!! I heard it has holographic display where the images shoots out in 3d. But it’s exclusive to ATT. Come on folks, let’s go!

  16. Anonymous says:

    blah… Thunderbolt is no more for me… I need a new phone since I had to grab the old flip after my G1 died. Waiting longer will only make this phone obsolete faster. Longer wait should result in lower cost. I will not be spending $250 for a phone that is sure to be obsolete as Q2 releases are approaching.

  17. eestubbs104 says:

    Does Verizon really care about its customers? Do they? Could they really tell us why all the delays? February 13, 14 and now the HTC Thunderbolt has gone from February 24th to the 28th and now to MARCH 4TH. And yet Verizon had never given a reason as to why there are some many delays. Once again, do they even care about what their customers feel. The TV commercials in my area just say that the Thunderbolt is coming soon and that has been since the Super Bowl, which I might say, has come and gone.

  18. gyess says:

    i'd totally be down for a verizon iphone if they made an exclusive plan and price for it. otherwise why do i want to get tech thats gonna be soon outdated..

  19. Ashley says:

    Guys, calm the eff down. If Verizon knew the specific release date, they would tell us. They're probably still working on bugs, and it was said that the release date would be between March and APRIL. So if you're pissed that RUMORS stated it would be out on the 4th, then you might as well give up now. I got an upgrade coming on the 28th- if the TB is out, I might get it, if it's not, I'm getting the iPhone. "Soon" is relative. For us, soon might be next week. For Verizon, it might be six months. If you're getting pissed off because of hype and rumors, then go ahead and stew to yourselves. :3

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