Dell Streak Teams with Japan’s World Order for Promo Video

Well if you are going to promote a device in Japan why not do something out of the ordinary, which it appears is the move Dell has made with their Dell Streak device, by teaming up with Japan’s music and dance group World Order for some promotional footage.

The Dell Streak x World Order Streak man Project promo video comes our way courtesy of the guys over at Technobuffalo and by way of the Crnaviofficial YouTube page and last some two and a half minutes.

Have to say the video is kind of a weird way to promote a Android smartphone come tablet, but you have to give it to the World Order guys, their syncing is spot on, even though one falls over right at the end.

According to the TechnoBuffalo article, World Order ” has been a viral hit on YouTube thanks to their unique dancing style. For those unfamiliar with Japanese culture, the premise is that they are “salarymen”, or your average office workers, who are known to work crazy hours and then drink themselves into a stupor at night. This particular video showcases their unusual dancing skills while using the Streak for a variety of tasks.”

You just know you’ll be trying out that synced movement sooner or later even if you don’t pick up the Dell Streak…enjoy the video

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