Windows Phone 7 Hitting Verizon End of Next Month

If you are in the market for a Microsoft Windows Phone 7 device and your preferred carrier in the US is Verizon then it would appear that you wont have much longer to wait to be able to snap up a Windows Phone 7 handset on the Big Red.

According to an article over on the Boy Genius Report, the guys over at Winrumors are claiming that the usual unnamed “people familiar with the company’s plans” Verizon may make an official announcement on the 28th of Feb.

That announcement would be along the lines that a Windows Phone 7 smartphone, namely the HTC 7 Trophy will launch on the network sometime towards the end of March commanding a price tag of $200 based on a 2-year agreement.

Furthermore, the word is that the HTC 7 Trophy will sport Microsoft’s “NoDo” update, which of course is Microsoft’s update bringing the copy and paste feature to Windows Phone 7 devices.

That’s about it, so as long as those “people familiar with the company’s plans” are spot on with their info we can expect the WP7 HTC 7 Trophy to hit before April Fools day. Anyone hoping to snap up the HTC 7 Trophy on Verizon?


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  1. R.LeTorneau says:

    The last time Microsoft launched a phone on Verizon, it was the Kin phones, which crashed and burned and turned into 'The Kin disaster'.

    Before that, Microsoft had the 'Sidekick' phones on Sprint, and then Microsoft lost all their data, without a backup.

    Last week, Microsoft was 'bricking' Windows Phone 7 phones on AT&T, when the update failed, and the phones were rendered useless.

    Now Microsoft is going to try Verizon again, this time with the ill-fated Windows Phone 7.

    The phone-buying public is becoming aware that everything that Microsoft does in mobile turns into a disaster.

    1. pan says:

      i don't think you have seen a Windows Phone 7 yet. Check one out on youtube. Windows Phone 7 is the fastest, most stable and most fluid from all the OS right now. Zune, xbox quality games and office integration all great features.

  2. Dude says:

    Can't WAIT to get one of these phones on Verizon. I've been waiting over a year for a WP7 device on Verizon and FINALLY it's about to be hear. HTC Phones are pretty nice devices. I also heard that ASUS and NOKIA will be making phones for WP7. Nokia makes great devices….Asus….Not sure. Now WP7 is being built by Samsung, LG, HTC, Dell, Nokia, and Asus. It's going to be on nearly every carrier in North America and Europe.

    I also heard that Nokia is partnering with MS. Man, this phone just keeps on rolling.

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