T-Mobile Slaps Apple iPhone 4 With Infographic

It appears that T-Mobile likes rubbing it in that they have 4G enabled smartphones running on their HSPA+ network while the Apple iPhone 4 doesn’t play nice on any 4G network, we’ve seen T-Mobile’s slaps at the iPhone in past videos.

And now according to an article over on Engagdet by Vlad Savov, it appears that T-Mobile is continuing its campaign against the iPhone by posting a “State of the Smartphone” infographic, which rubs it in further and reminds everyone that the iconic Apple handset is only a 3G phone.

Of course T-Mobile emphasizes their own 4G capabilities although some say HSPA+ isn’t true 4G anyway, but conveniently forgets that both Verizon and AT&T also offer 4G enabled devices.

Having said that, one does have to wonder if T-Mobile’s vendetta against Apple and the iPhone is simply due to the fact that Apple hasn’t allowed T-Mobile to offer the smartphone so far, so perhaps it’s a bit of the “we don’t care about the iPhone” syndrome setting in at T-Mobile.

What do you think, isn’t it about time T-Mobile came up with another angle to tout their HSPA+ network rather than continually slapping down the iPhone, even if they are correct and the iPhone 4 is limited to 3G?

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