Apple iPad 2 May Suffer Limited Supply

Well now if you are of a mind to snap up the next generation Apple iPad after the 2nd of March, which by the way is tomorrow, when Apple unveil the iOS tablet and presumably release the device shortly thereafter, you may have to move quick to grab the tablet.

Why? Well according to an article over on Slash Gear by way of Apple Insider, the choice of the “super-thin” glass screen Apple have opted to go for has apparently led to supply chain delays for the Apple iPad 2, according to Goldman Sachs analyst Bill Shope.

Apparently the shortage isn’t with the tech but one of yield, although the analysts does say that “volumes [will] ramp fairly quickly as the process improves.”

Shope wrote…” It appears that Apple is once again pushing the technology envelope by making the device far thinner than the original iPad, and the iPad 2′s ultra-thin glass screen is generating yield issues … As of now, we are not assuming Apple will expand the storage capacity for the iPad, which should enable the company to enjoy better product margins over time.”

So if the analyst’s speculations are indeed true it may be that numerous Apple iPad 2 hopefuls will be left without and waiting for their chosen new iOS tablet to land in their laps, so make sure you get your orders in as quickly as possible on release day.

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