iOS Notifications Possibilities, MobileNotifier Beta3 Video Demo

MobileNotifier creator Peter Hajas has a new video of his new update, the video shows you how iOS Notifications should be, plus we have a few detail features of MobileNotifier beta 3.

9to5Mac mention that the video below is how iOS notifications should have been implemented please watch the video below about message notifications and see what you think.

The new MobileNotifier is jailbreak-only and can be obtained via Cydia at this repo; you must remember that MobileNotifier is open source. Access the source on GitHub (It’s BSD licensed).

Main MobileNotifier Features Include: AlertDashboard, New alerts, Full push notification support, Lockscreen View, Numerous usability improvements, Time encoding support with each alert, Completely reworked MNAlertManager and most importantly Bug fixes relating to 3.x compatibility, alert display and other internal aspects of the utility.

Please visit the official peterhajas.com blog for in-depth information, now head on down below and watch the demo video provided via YouTube.


2 thoughts on “iOS Notifications Possibilities, MobileNotifier Beta3 Video Demo”

  1. BKellyFun says:

    Apple better make better improvements like this for iOS 5 that comes out soon or I might move to Android whilch I don't want to do sort of!

  2. James Silva says:

    Nice app Peter. It would be excellent if this app worked with SBRotator4. Currently, the alert dashboard will not rotate when opening the task switcher in landscape mode.

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