Windows Phone 7 Apps Free: Chickens Can Dream

If you are looking for Windows Phone 7 Apps then might we suggest the new “Chickens Can Dream” game by Amused Sloth, this game is free and is the prelude to “Chickens Can’t Fly”!

This Chickens Can Dream is a cool Windows Phone 7 game where you enter the Mystic Rooster’s dream where you dream about the future of the chickens, are you a great scientist?

You are the scientist and the Mystic Rooster can see the grim future of the chicken race, this game features more than 30 facts to check (More coming soon), Diverse obstacles that you have to overcome such as flame throwers, circular saws, boots-on-a-stick and more, plus you can get 10 power-ups to help you (slow time, corn magnet, indestructoid) or hinder you (confused controls, parasite worm, sausage, booze).

Just guide your chicken through the obstacles and dangers, how long can you keep your chicken alive? This game will work on any WP7 devices, for more information please visit official website Amused Sloth, we do suggest you checking out the ‘Chickens Can Dream’ page as well where you can see many screenshots and noted problems that have occurred.

Please visit the Marketplace Link to download, if you would like to see the game in action then just scroll down this page a little (below this article) and watch the video provided.

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