Steve Jobs & Pixar Show Up at iPad 2 Event

The Apple iPad 2 Event has kicked off and it is official, yes Steve Jobs and Pixar are at the event. The Apple boss is on stage giving details on the event right now and we will be covering all just for you.

What has been said so far? Well, to date Apple has sold more than 100-million iPhones and 15-million iPads, which is fantastic and shows that Apple products are very successful.

There is over 65,000 apps available for the Apple iPad now and many more coming, other news covers iBooks, apparently more than 100 million books have been sold to date and Random House is joining on with an additional 17k titles.

Keep coming back because we have some hot information on the iPad 2, you will love this so please sit tight and be patient whilst we type. Please do check out Engadget’s livebolog

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