Apple iPad 2 Intro By Ive And Smart Cover Videos

No doubt the whole world knows that Apple has finally come clean with the new Apple iPad 2 tablet as of yesterday, so we thought we’d bring you a couple of videos on the device, one is an introduction to the Apple iPad 2 with Jony Ive, the other a video of the Smart Cover.

First up is the Apple iPad 2 introduction video with Apple’s senior vice president of design, Jony Ive, the same guy that may be heading back to the UK as we previously reported on (here), comes our way courtesy of YTutorials and lasts just over six minutes.

The Smart Cover video comes our way courtesy of YouTube user Mubasa, and delivers a 34 second look at the new iOS tablet’s snazzy clip on cover in action, which can also double as a tablet raiser for optimal typing or viewing angles, which is kind of a neat thing.

As for that intro footage, Ive says “He can’t think of a product that has defined and entire category, and then been completely redesigned in such a short period of time.”

Anyway all you need do now to get your fix of Apple iPad 2 footage is head on down, mash those play buttons and get to know the second generation Apple iPad…enjoy.

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