International Women’s Day for 2011: iOS App Chat Forum

Today is International Women’s Day for 2011 and we have found you a great iOS app for your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, it is free and worth downloading.

Today is March 8 and is the day of global celebration of women, you could be a wife, mother, girlfriend, sister or all and this app allows you to show your love and affection.

This International Women’s Day has many features and is a great chat forum for those that want to share, it displays a timer to let you know the date of the next International Women’s Day and allows you to post comments.

Other features include creating his own topic, answering of other comments, share comments on Facebook and like his preferred posts. You can even remove those annoying ads by going to the information page.

For more information about International Women’s Day By iPuP please visit iTunes to download the free app now. If you have anything to say please do so in the comments area provided below.

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