Apple iPad 2 Blender Destruction: Video

Yes folks, enough to make the iOS faithful burst into tears, the latest Apple tablet has now been put through that all-important test of will the Apple iPad 2 blend. Of course we have that iPad 2 blending video footage for your pleasure below.

The Apple iPad 2 Will it Blend video comes our way courtesy of the guys over at 9to5 Mac and by way of the Bendtec YouTube page, where the I’ll blend anything guy, Tom is invited to a mock of the intro of the Apple iPad 2 with a Steve Jobs look-alike, and sets about proving any Apple gear can be blended.

Blendtec have previously blended the original Apple iPad, so how does the Apple iPad 2 stand up to the onslaught of blender blades?

Well to find that out you’ll need to head on down and hit the play button, but no doubt you can already guess the outcome, so the iOS faithful better get the tissues out handy before viewing…is there anything they can’t blend? Of course if goes without saying do not try this at home with your own Apple iPad 2…enjoy.

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