Apple iPad 2 Coming to Vodafone UK Soon

For those in the United Kingdom whose preferred network if Vodafone, and have been hoping the carrier would offer the latest piece of iOS tech from the Apple camp, namely the Apple iPad 2, you’ll be pleased to know that they will.

According to an article over on Pocket-lint, Vodafone UK will stock the Apple iPad 2 as soon as the tablet launched in the UK near the end of the month and joins the other UK carriers in offering the device.

Apparently Vodafone will offer to their customers the Apple iPad 2 with WiFi and 3G and will be available on dedicated data plans along with Vodafone making a promise said plans will be appealing, but as yet no word on what the plans are.

For those wishing to purchase the Apple iPad 2 from Vodafone you can now register your interest in the iOS device by entering their details on the Vodafone dedicated Apple iPad 2 page. So will you be picking up the iPad 2 from Vodafone once it lands?


2 thoughts on “Apple iPad 2 Coming to Vodafone UK Soon”

  1. Definitely i would go for it. Its a great news for all Vodafone users as the service is pretty good and the Apple ipad2 with iOS technology so the best service and great technology will get together.

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