Top Party Songs Karaoke Style iOS iPhone App

Top party songs is what everyone loves and Karaoke Now iOS iPhone app will bring you all the fun and laughter you need, summer is going to be hot so sing your heart out.

Karaoke Now is a great application for your Apple iPhone that allows you to become a singing sensation that includes over 40,000 songs of you choice, you can buy the songs from the built-in store or you can simply import your own songs.

The main features include vocal versions of the songs so that you can practice with a band or a singer, new songs released monthly, if you own MP3+G ZIP songs you can import them straight into the player or buy songs and add them to Karaoke Now! 2.0 later.

This App Contains:
New Fast Interface, Playlist management, Online Manual, Remove from playlist option, Direct support page, Wide Screen and Vertical Player option, Quick Play, Affordable, Legal, and Large selection of Songs and Optional “Lead Vocal” tracks.

You can play, stop and even pause songs, fast forward or rewind and so much more. Be a singing party sensation and download Karaoke Now via iTunes.

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