HTC Thunderbolt, iPhone 4 Battle Round 2: Video

So, earlier I posted a comparison fight video between the new Android 2.2 Froyo packing HTC Thunderbolt 4G enabled handset for Verizon against the might of the iconic iPhone 4, and now we have round 2 of that confrontation for your viewing pleasure below.

The first video compared such things as hardware, specs, design and price, and the second video which comes our way courtesy of Technobuffalo delivers thirteen minutes of face off action comparing web browsers and typing along with a speed test.

In the video fight Noah Kravitz also take a brief look at the HTC Thunderbolt Android OS and HTC Sense against the iPhone 4 iOS, but can the HTC Thunderbolt compete against the might of the king of smartphones?

Can the new kid on the block grab the smartphone crown from the long time holder, well to find out you’ll have to skip on down, and hit that play button to se if finally there’s a smartphone to challenge the iPhone…enjoy.


11 thoughts on “HTC Thunderbolt, iPhone 4 Battle Round 2: Video”

  1. JCc says:

    How is this even a fair comparison? The tbolt is a generation ahead of the iphone. There really is no argument as to why the iphone would be better aside from maybe ON PAPER the display which I honestly can't tell the difference between. Perhaps wait until iphone 5 and then compare.

    1. Nate says:

      It is what is out now. You cant compair something that is out to something that is not out yet. Android has all the new hottness because it is open to multiple manufacturers and that is speeding development. I think android has the lead in hardware tech and wont look back as it storms on.

  2. Kimberly says:

    Why would you want to toggle off the LTE Network when it is backwards compatible with the current 3G Network and automatically swaps itself depending on the network available.

    "I dont feel like having my phone run 10 times faster right now, so I want to toggle off my 4G service." Only a loyal AT&T customer would have an issue with their phone working to its optimal level.

    1. Steve says:

      Because 4G uses lots of battery life.

      "I don't feel like having my phone run 10 times faster right now because all I'm doing is making a phone call, and I'd like to be able to do that for more than 4 hours."

  3. Heath-e says:

    Um…..the iPhone is not the king of smartphones. Maybe king of the FisherPrice toy box…like Fisher Price Mac computers…I returned my iPhone for a ThunderBolt…best decision I ever made.

  4. Andrew says:

    I agree the Thunderbolt has some very appealing features but the last I heard the front facing camera might as well not be there as there is no native or truly stable third party video chat application. The lack of a native toggle for LTE is annoying but not a show stopper.
    I am a current Verizon customer and I couldn't wait for the Thunderbolt but after it's release and issues with it am holding out until the newer dual core HTC phones come out later in July/August (please HTC show Verizon some luv cuz I hate my Blackberry). Unless Apple comes out with a iPhone 5 with LTE first I'm still hoping for an android phone this summer. that way I'll hopefully I'll be able to video chat with my family while I'm on the road.

    1. Ron says:

      Wow, you heard wrong because Tango is a 3rd party app that works great, and Skype will be built into the phone in the near future. They are also working on Skype mobile with video as a 3rd party app as well, but I am content with Tango.

  5. VicMackey says:

    "On the iPhone you uh…well you have this grid of icons"…….ya click the apps button on the HTC and boom, there's the iPhone icon grid….fight is over right there…im paying per month plus data of course im choosing full customization! And if anyone says "but iPhone gets iTunes" they are the biggest morons in the world cuz EVERY MP3 player can play iTunes music and Android can even Sync….without "jailbreaking"…..bigger, faster, more customizing, cheaper. Seriously…wtf do people have to fight about

  6. VicMackey says:

    If you like the smaller phone get the HTC Incredible…Sense1.0 but you can go into the market and change the boot theme to Samsungs, Motoblur, or yes, even a fake iOS…Sure its 3G not 4 but the incredible is still an amazing phone annnnnd is free with contract at Best Buy….

  7. David P. says:

    Sorry but the i-phone has fallen behind and even the i-phone 5 will not compete with the newest Droids out there currently and it won't stand a chance against the Droids coming out this summer like the Evo 3D or the Samsung models not in speed or screen size. When does the i-phone offer 4G ? BIG difference between 3G and 4G speeds when using the internet !
    Apple better get to work on making big improvements soon !

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