Atrix and Inspire Update Coming as AT&T Admit Clipping 4G Speed

If you are an owner of the Motorola Atrix 4G and HTC inspire 4G smartphones on the AT&T network and have been experiencing appalling upload speeds with your device the reason is AT&T has slowed down their 4G network.

According to an article over on Arstechnica, AT&T has admitted they have slowed down 4G due to the release of the HTC Inspire 4G and Motorola Atrix 4G handsets, although after numerous complaints to the Better Business Bureau, AT&T will roll out an update to the handsets to fix the issue sometime in April.

Apparently customers have found that 4G upload speeds on AT&T have been no faster than 300 kbps and according to Dsl Reports, the carrier at first skirted the problem by saying that the HTC Inspire 4G can’t use 4G; however, they now claim they are still carrying out “testing and preparations.”

The word is AT&T will release a software patch sometime in April to the HTC Inspire 4G and Motorola Atrix 4G that should fix the problem and allow access to AT&T’s HSUPA network.

So have any of our readers with the Motorola Atrix 4G or HTC Inspire 4G been suffering with the slow upload speeds, if so feel free to shout out and vent in our comments area below.


12 thoughts on “Atrix and Inspire Update Coming as AT&T Admit Clipping 4G Speed”

  1. nory826 says:

    I think everyone with an atrix or inspire has been suffering with horrible speeds. I myself have the atrix,and although I love the phone itself very much, the lack of hspa+ has turned me off completely.att blatantly lied to everyone who bought one of these handsets , and had the balls to say the inspire "4g" doesn't support 4g? What the hell is that? I'm so fed up with their lies I want out. I want me refund for my phone and I want out of my contract. I wanted to wait to see if att would fix this issue in a timely fashion but its been over a month already and its apparently the fix is coming "sometime in April. " which will most likely be the end of April if that. This is complete fraud on ATTs part and there should be some type of action taken by the government or someone. They need to be held responsible for this debacle. I want to go to a wireless carrier who actually gives quality service,doesn't lie to its customers just so they'll buy a phone, and actually has 4g phones that WORK AS ADVERTISED! !! ATT is nothing but a bunch of crooks and I really hope that peoples rants are getting to them in some way. Sorry for the long post, just irritated to the point of insanity lol God I'm done with ATT, so long…

    1. banshee says:

      1st off your an idiot. secondly att never said that the inspire wasnt 4g they said that the inspire doesn't have hsupa capability's wich is not apart of hspa+. your a moron and sound like you should be a sprint customer.. good day.

      1. steven says:

        first off to you att should not release 4g phones and claim they get 6mbps when they are not even matching up to 3g speeds, they need to get their claims right, and they do lie because i contacted att and they claim that there is no problem and that they have never heard of the issue and feed me all this bull about enhanced backoff or whatever they said, and if that was the problem then 3g would be worse then their 4g

  2. i don't quite understand the rant. the phone works fine. i love the widgets, navigation. yes sometimes it lags here and there. (previous iphone 4 user) but remember iphone had issues out the gate as well. i just wish the dock and netbook add on weren't so expensive.

  3. Ozzie says:

    Not only are speeds horrible, but there is many other issues with the phone. Voice quality issue, wifi connection disconnecting, phone rebooting, phone locking up. I'm so close to returning phone and leaving this crappy AT&T carrier. Once Verizon releases more 4g lte phones I'm switching. You actually get what you pay for with them. AT&T is a whole different story and just want your money.

  4. Michael Gdula says:

    As a long standing Cellular One/Cingular/ATT user I do feel cheated. As one must pay a premium for the newest, latest and greatest widget (in this case – Atrix) they should be compensated for not "totally" getting the latest and grreatest, particularly in light of the smoke and mirrors 4G speed "marketing claims" of the vendor. Notwithstanding – the vendor also must proactively provide updates/replacements/fixes ASAP without the end user having to hunt them down. Otherwise – states AG's should be requireing companies to pony up for deception.

  5. So.. they can do FRAUD and other things yet according to contract we cant Class Action lawsuit.  Those Class Action lawsuits are usually the only thing to keep them more honost….

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