Newspaper Obituaries: America & Canada Obituary App

If you love newspapers and would love to read the nations daily obituaries in America and Canada then look no further than the “Obituary” app for iOS devices.

This app has a fantastic interface than runs smoothly and is very easy to browse where you can read or share stories of the ones that came before you, this app condenses stories to the names of the deceased and a few headlines and it is very easy to find stories that are most important to you, which makes it so much easier than searching through normal newspapers.

You have the option of sharing such obituaries with Twitter, email or Facebook so other family or friends can be kept updated on old friends or distant family members that have passed.

This app contains obituaries from many newspapers and so much so the list is very long indeed, it covers the largest newspapers in America and Canada with many papers being added all the time. This iOS app is well worth having and as more and more cities are being added quite often.

For more information please visit iTunes, if you already have this app installed on your iOS device please do send in your personal reviews. Thanks


One thought on “Newspaper Obituaries: America & Canada Obituary App”

  1. Ron says:

    I have this app and I absolutely love it! Every time I pick up a paper I flip to the obit section. With this app I no longer need to because I get constant updates on not only my home town paper, the Denver Post, but pretty much any paper in the country. If you are like me and you read the obits then you will love this app!

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