O2 UK New Monthly Tariffs: Inclusive Tethering

O2 UK customers who have been asking for inclusive tethering will now get exactly what they have asked for, O2 is now offering new monthly tariffs offering inclusive Internet Tethering, choice of data allowances and flexibility.

If you are one of those O2 customers that were paying £7.65 tethering charges per month you will be happy to know that has now been scrapped, this is such good news for subscribers on pay-monthly deals.

O2 now has many different Pay Monthly tariffs for new and upgrading customers that allows you to custom tailor your very own tariff that will suit you, it is now simple where you just choose your handset or keep your old phone and contract length, then you simply choose your minutes and text allowance and then choose how much web data you want to use.

We all know that mobile phone users love to go on the internet and O2 are still continuing to offer as much as 1GB per month plus adding a 100MB data allowance for those customers who just want to send a few emails. If you choose to go for the 500MB or more each month option O2 will chuck in 20 MMS with your allowance worth around £4. Internet Tethering will be included into these new tariffs, which means a £7.65 additional value will be built into the tariff.

Check out the full O2 UK tariff table here, for more information we do suggest visiting the O2 blog. Please do let us know in the commenting area below what you think of the above news.

Source – Engadget

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