BT Broadband Speed at 20Mb by Years End

We have recently received news that by the end of 2011, 80 per cent of people in the UK could have access to broadband supplied by BT.

In an article by one of the writers at ITProPortal, it is claimed that an extension to BT’s copper-based broadband is planned and that under BT’s Wholesale Broadband Connect (WBC) programme the company claim that they will be able to provide customers with broadband speeds up to 20 Mbps.

Now apparently, BT currently has 1,000 exchanges in the UK, which at present service 15.5 million homes and businesses. However, another 90 nodes are planned and therefore, 5 million more premises could be serviced.

In a statement, the Managing Director of products at BT Wholesale, Cameron Rejali said, “This announcement is further evidence of BT’s commitment to deliver next generation services across the UK,”

Rejali went on to say, “Running over BT’s 21st Century Network, WBC offers communications providers the ability to provide their broadband customers with greater control, choice and flexibility as well as higher speeds. It supports the growing demand for high-speed broadband access to a range of online services,”

Further news is that by 2015 some rural areas of the UK could also soon be experiencing high-speed net access, with BT’s high-speed fibre based broadband being extended to not just urban areas of Britain, but rural areas also.

We will keep you updated on any further developments as they happen.

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