Download Fring: Group Chat for iPhone

For those of you with fring (the well liked video chat app), you may be pleased to know that fring will soon be bringing out a group video chat app to iOS and Android enabled devices. Please note that at present this feature is in limited beta.

This group video chat app will be the first of its kind in the world and will be a massive addition to the way we communicate on our mobile devices and I am sure this feature will appeal to quite a number of people out there. Just imagine having a video chat with four of your friends, all at the same time, is that not appealing.

Do you want to know more? Well by way of the guys at iPhone Download Blog, we are able to bring you a demo video of the group video chat in progress, see video below…

How would you like to be involved in the final testing stages of this feature, prior to it going live on the App Store — well you can by following this link to sign up.

Now at present fring is free via the App Store and news is that the group video chat feature will also be free, which can only be good news.

Why not also check out the article done by my colleague James’, he wrote about the group video chat earlier and we thought we would hit on it again, as we would like our readers to post comments on this new feature from Fring.

So what are your thoughts on this free group video chat app, is this something you would like to see on your device? Why not let us know your views below.


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