WordMaster XL iOS App for iPad: Scrabble Word Finder

If you are a lover of word orientated games and own an iOS tablet you can get an app that will help you to solve all those difficult word puzzles, crossword, scrabble and such and the app is called WordMaster XL.

With the WordMaster XL iOS app for the Apple iPad the user fills in the letters they know, leaving what they don’t know and then simply tap the search button and then WordMaster XL will deliver letter options in a flash to narrow your choice to complete the task.

WordMaster XL for the iPad features 354,984 English single words, 178,691 official tournament and club word list, 267,751 international edition official words, 21,986 people’s names, and 173,528 enhanced North American benchmark lexicon.

WordMasert XL also features a people name word list, word scoring option, remembers a puzzle search query, and the WordMaster XL iOS app for the Apple iPad is available to download to your iPad running iOS 3.2 o above from iTunes for $1.99.

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