Motorola Xoom & Atrix 4G Telstra Release

Will the Motorola Xoom and Atrix 4G launch in Australia sometime soon through Telstra. Well at the moment both Motorola and Telstra are remaining tight-lipped on this and are refusing to comment.

A report recently made by Ausdroid (an Android blog) who have made a number of reports in the past about other Android enabled devices being launched in Australia, which have proven to be correct, indicates that in mid-May the Atrix 4G would be launched on Australia’s shores. Whereby, the Xoom would launch late-May both via Telstra.

Ausdroid’s report comes to us by way of Delimiter who indicate in their article that Telstra would not comment on the report, but confirmed several Android Honeycomb based tablets were being examined by telco. Also, that a Motorola spokesperson indicated that the Australian market was being explored for the two devices.

At present, the only Android Honeycomb based device launched in Australia is the Galaxy Tab 10.1v, which was launched by VHA and goes on sale this month for $729.

Currently, Apple’s iPad is dominating the tablet market in Australia, but with the introduction of Motorola’s Xoom, Samsung’s Galaxy Tab, Research in Motion’s PlayBook device and HTC’s Flyer tablet, Apple could soon have some stiff competition.

As for the Atrix 4G handset, currently it can be purchased online via a few local retailers like Mobicity, but is not yet on sale with a telco partner.

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  1. Despite the price which has been lowered by 20 GBP b.t.w., the Motorola Xoom is a brig decent, high-end tablet, which – with the right software updates from Google, and plenty of developer support – is all set for the 2011 tablet pc revolution.

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