Apple iPad 3 Not Scheduled for This Year

Whilst anything to do with Apple gear always generates speculation it appears that there have been some rumours doing the rounds that Apple may push out the 3rd-generation Apple iPad in 2011, however apparently suppliers believe otherwise.

According to a report by 9to5 Mac, Chinese digital rag, DigiTimes is reporting that Apple parts suppliers haven’t received any orders for the Apple iPad 3 and this along with Apple recently releasing the Apple iPad 2, the suppliers don’t believe Apple will introduce another iOS tablet in 2011.

Here’s what the DigiTimes report says…” Sources from touch panel makers pointed out that Apple recently released its latest tablet PC plan and is asking the panel makers to provide products that are capable to support higher image quality than the current iPad 2 and Apple may even choose AMOLED panel or panel that support Full HD standard to accomplish the plan. However, since the project is still at the initial planning stage, the actual products are unlikely to appear in 2011.”

However, apparently the suppliers do feel that if Apple were to deliver another iOS tablet it would only be a minimal upgrade, which could possibly be a new model that “supports different communication format.”

So that could possibly mean a 4G LTE iPad for Verizon at some point and it could be they are working on it for a release before the holiday season, but again that just speculation at this point.

Personally I can’t see Apple delivering yet another iPad this year, why do they need to with only just releasing the Apple iPad 2, and more to the point would users purchase yet another iPad so soon after the iPad 2 release?

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