Windows Phone 7 Mango Microsoft Update & Features

Great news for those with the Windows Phone 7, Microsoft has finally announced that the new ‘Mango’ update will be coming in the fall.

This new Windows Phone 7 updated was initially rumoured to be arriving at the end of this year, however, nothing was officially announced regarding this release date. Now Microsoft have finally decided to reveal that we can expect to see this major update in the fall. Please note that no exact date has been given yet.

According to a story by Itworld coming to us by way of ubergizmo, there will be a long list of improvement that you can expect to see when you install the ‘Mango’ update, such as 25% improved memory efficiency, better multi-tasking, installed database, the full desktop version of Internet Explorer 9 giving you HTML5 support alongside hardware acceleration.

Please also note that the Windows Phone 7 will also come with added features like bank check imaging and wireless deposit apps, a geolocation-enabled clock, a new Facebook app, augmented reality support, plus loads more, including 1,500 new developer tools made available for this device.

Also of interest could be our article on the possible introduction of the W7 & W8, believed to be Nokia’s first Windows Phone 7 smartphones. However, the release of these phones may have to wait due to Nokia apparently being still committed to Symbian.


2 thoughts on “Windows Phone 7 Mango Microsoft Update & Features”

  1. Lou says:

    WOW, Really? The Fall? This is ridiculous. I don't need ALL of the new features at once. It would be nice to have just a few of the bare essentials all smartphone should have these days, then reales an update with bells and whistles. We have been waiting since last year with promises of this much needed patch, now we have to wait until the FALL?! It's just an update, not a product! It is no wonder why the iPhone has the majority of market-share. When I had an iPhone, updates were released constantly. Everyone of them may not have been groundbreaking, or even noticeable. But at least there was no pins and needles postponement. I love my phone, but it is definitely a work in progress. But the progress is too slow, especially when it is likely that the late release is just for polishing or some marketing tactic. Perfect the update in future updates, but just release it already!!

  2. Agreed! Back when I had the decision of getting an iPhone or the new flashy WP7, I thought to myself, "the new windows phone will obviously have a lot of kinks and bugs since it's brand new. The iPhone has had plenty of time to work it all out and release new and improved editions." The people at AT&T were telling me "Oh, we get less returns on WP7 versus the iPhone blahblahblah, and I fell for it like a chump. It was cheaper, it was a smartphone, and thinking that it was from Microsoft, I'd be somewhat set. But nope! I just barely got the first update & nodo update yesterday morning (More AT&T's fault) and I'm sure I will have to wait longer than everyone else for the Mango update also because of AT&T.
    I really appreciate Microsoft not releasing new editions of their phones every year (Like iPhone, making all older ones supposedly "obselete") I would like to have the features iPhone got right a lot faster than Windows Phone 7. If Microsoft wants to continue battling it out with Apple, maybe they should give them an actual fight, because Apple is definitely in first place right now.

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