T-Mobile UK Royal Wedding Dance Video

As you are aware, T-Mobile UK is in the habit of putting out some crazy singing and dancing videos, and it appears that the Royal Wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton isn’t off limits. As a T-Mobile customer with my Samsung Galaxy S I received an email invite earlier to view the latest T-Mobile video and thus have posted it for your viewing pleasure below.

Here’s what the T-Mobile email invite said…” Dear James

You are cordially invited to be one of the first people to see our brand new event…
Dancing at Liverpool Street Station… singing at Heathrow airport… if you liked all that, you’ll love this. It’s a magical event of truly fairy tale proportions and it’s only available online. It literally went live 30 seconds ago. So pick up a Union Jack, grab a hankie and say ‘I do’ want to watch it on YouTube now.



At the bottom of said email is said ” Oh, and don’t forget to share this with your friends — and spread the word” so feel free to skip on down and mash that play button and check out T-Mobile’s Royal Wedding footage with a host of celebrity look-alikes, with music from East 17…enjoy.

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