Yuri Gagarin Night App: Events Around the World

Space exploration was one of the greatest feats that humankind ever undertook and with a new iOS app, we can celebrate Yuri Gagarin who was the ‘first human in space’ 45 years ago.

With the huge multi-national “Yuri’s Night”, you can find out about events that are occurring all over the world in celebration of humanity’s achievements in space. On every April 12, people from all corners of the world gather to celebrate the anniversary of Yuri Gagarin’s first flight into space, in 1961, and the 1981, first launch of the US Space Shuttle, both of which were momentous occasion in space exploration.

There are also many more parties, that will be held on other nights besides April 12, and anyone can participate, so why not join the party and celebrate the past and present space explorations, by downloading Yuri’s Night to your Apple iPhone.

With the Yuri’s Night iOS app, you get the following features: List of all events around the world, including event details and contact information, Countdown clock to event party, Tweets of latest event info, an Interactive global map showing events around the world and RSS feed of event news, including QuickTime podcasts.

This app also comes with fixes for current-year bug in Event List and formatting issue in Event News. Therefore, if you want to join the millions in celebrating our achievements in space, why not head over to iTunes, install this free app, and when done, come back and let us know what you think.

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