Apple iPad 2 Toys R Us & Best Buy Stock Issues

I remember not so long-a-go going to Toys R Us to get the latest board game or game for a games console, but how times have changed, as they are now selling Apple’s iPad 2.

Reports are coming in that the Toys R Us store began selling the iPad 2 yesterday Sunday, April 17, but only select stores have the device. Toys R Us was already sells lots of the iPad accessories. However, before you rush out to your local store, the availability of the tablet PC is very limited. Reports are coming in that stores are running out of stock very fast.

In an article by CNet it is reported that a store in Tustin, California opened its doors at 9am and by 10am had already sold out of the iPad 2. In a story by 9to5mac it is reported that in Toys R Us the 16 GB iPad 2 is retailing for $4.99 and the 32 GB WiFi-only iPad 2 is $599. However, at least Toys R Us has the stock to sell (albeit, for only a short while), as the CNet story goes on to report, despite aggressive promotions by Best Buy they do not appear to have any stock in their stores.

At the Best Buy stores in Chicago downtown and Thousand Oaks, California stores the staff said they are only taking orders and have none of the devices in stock. However, a representative at the Thousand Oaks store did apologize for their Sunday flier featuring the iPad 2 as being in stock and therefore, giving the wrong impression. But I am wondering if Best Buy do have the stock, but just want to use bully boy tactics to sell the devices with their protection plan – see our article here.

So what do you think about the iPad 2 being sold in Toys R Us stores? Do you think it’s right?


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  1. Bill says:

    So what do you think about the iPad 2 being sold in Toys R Us stores? Oh thats wrong they really should only be sold in white glove stores such as Target Hey they should only sell toys there don't you nerds agree

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