BlackBerry PlayBook Better Than Apple iPad at Multitasking Says Experts

Reviews of the Research In Motion BlackBerry PlayBook tablet haven’t thus far been that flattering for RIM’s first tablet device, but apparently some experts believe there is at least one tech area that the BlackBerry PlayBook slaps rival tablet the Apple iPad right out of the game.

According to an article over on the Economic Times, experts are saying that the BlackBerry PlayBook leaves Apple’s iOS tablet “miles behind” when it comes to multitasking, due to the PlayBook’s QNX Neutrino operating system.

Apparently said experts say the QNX OS enables the BlackBerry PlayBook to perform multitasking at “amazing speed” and users can keep multiple apps running simultaneously and this is the reason the PlayBook has no home button.

Human-computer interaction professor at Canada’s Queen’s University, Roel Vertegaal says…“The (PlayBook) operating system kicks ass,” while the managing director of software and wireless research at Toronto’s RBC Dominion Securities, Mike Abramsky, apparently said, “If you want to do more than one thing at once and you want to do it very fast – if you want to do work and play together – the PlayBook shines better than the iPad.”

Apple currently dominates the tablet market with their iPad and Apple iPad 2, but it appears some analysts are giving the BlackBerry PlayBook the thumbs up, although apparently RIM does have some catching up to do.

Have to say, Apple’s tablet tech does lead in the field, but there is definitely room for other tablets such as the BlackBerry PlayBook and Android tablets, but the big question is, can Apple remain ahead of the game?


8 thoughts on “BlackBerry PlayBook Better Than Apple iPad at Multitasking Says Experts”

  1. Bill WIlliams says:

    if you want to do work and play together – the PlayBook shines better than the iPad.” TELL THAT TO YOUR BOSS…LOL…WHERE ARE THE GAMES??? HOW DO YOU MULTITASK ON AN 7" SCREEN?

  2. PlayBook looks like the iPad killer. We may be witnessing history. This device has the potential to do a lot of damage to Apple's financial stability. I hope it doesn’t do too much damage because the iPad 2 is been selling well on my website. You can even get a free iPad 2 on my website if you follow certain conditions.

  3. john a says:

    Playbook multitasks pretty good, but in every review I've read, everyone was complaining about "out of memory" issues.

    Ipad multitasks in a way that doesn't hog memory…I can also stream video to an apple tv, while running any of a number of applications.

  4. Bob says:

    "and users can keep multiple apps running simultaneously"

    Sure is unfortunate that there aren't any apps that you'd even want to be running. Not even mail.

  5. One of the best applications Use your blackberry bridge that way you can have your blackberry smartphone's data on your PB emails, files, pictures, BBM, bridge browsing. The best part is that i dont need to get a new data plan for PB unlike iPad i can jus bridge my device to PB n experience browsing on a 7" screen where i can also browse videos which need flash player and i aint charged by service providers. Well they are very few applications out for the PB but sooner RIM and flash developers should be providing consumers with a lot more. PB mostly benefits a blackberry user n more over it has a lot to it … well to each to his own … happy tablet buying lol

  6. The new Black Berrie's features are very good 7" display, touchscreen display, 1024×600 resolution is good duel hd cameras 3 mega pixel front facing camera and 5 megapixel rear camera 1080p hd video recording really its a nice playbook and also one more thing if the price available for everyone so many gaming lovers can buy it and enjoy all games with this great technological gaming console finally its look is great.

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