Motorola Atrix Exclusive Orange UK Release, Price & Accessories

All of those in the UK will be very happy to know that the Motorola Atrix will be exclusive to Orange, a press release has been emailed out to let everyone know about its release date and prices.

The Motorola Atrix smartphone is set to release in early May and will be exclusive to Orange UK, if you are interested in this handset you will be happy to know that you can reserve now through Orange retail shops and Orange telesales. There are many features on this smartphone to make it a sexy contender to the Samsung Galaxy S II and many others; it has a biometric fingerprint reader, which is a nice touch.

Main Features Include: Mozilla Firefox 3.6 browser, Adobe Flash Player, Motorola’s revolutionary webtop application, the Motorola ATRIX will be free on a £35 per month, this contract will run for 24 months and you will get unlimited texts, 750 MB data allowance, 50 MMS, 600 minutes and unlimited wi-fi (subject to fair usage) per month

There are two docking accessories for the Motorola Atrix, one is called the Motorola HD Multimedia Dock that features three USB ports and an HDMI port, and the other is called Motorola Lapdock that features 11.6-inch screen, full keyboard, stereo speakers and much more.

If you buy the Orange UK Motorola ATRIX will be able to get their hands on the Work and Play Kit that includes a HD multimedia dock, remote control, keyboard and mouse for only £49.99, this is a great knockdown price from the original £129.99 standard retail price.

Customers will be able to get the Motorola Lapdock from Orange for less than the normal price of £299.99, if you choose certain select tariffs you will get reduced price points. Business customers can also get Motorola ATRIX and the Motorola Lapdock bundle free of charge on Solo 55 and existing customers will get a great deal when re-signing with Motorola ATRIX.

Fore more information please read the full press release via Engadget and the official Orange page at www.orange.co.uk/motorolaatrix, you can also choose to reserve the Motorola Atrix on the Orange network. Please watch the YouTube video below for a little more viewing pleasure.

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