Nokia Joins BlackBerry In India User Monitoring Game

It would appear that BlackBerry isn’t the only smartphone that is being targeted by the government of India over handset features. We all know what trouble Research In Motion went through to stop India from banning BlackBerry, and now Nokia appears to be facing the same problem.

According to an article over on Engadget by way of the Boy Genius Report, The Economic Times is reporting that India’s Ministry of Home Affairs wishes to put a block on Nokia’s push email until such times as the government can set up a monitoring system.

Apparently here’s what the ministry said…“In view of the Intelligence Bureau’s report, Department of Telecommunications is requested to advice the Telecom Service Providers not to launch Nokia’s proposed pushmail/powermail service without putting in place monitoring facilities to the satisfaction of the LEAs.”

Thus it would appear that Nokia is the latest to fall foul of India’s spying on smartphone users game, which seems to be to be somewhat of an invasion of privacy having government people monitoring your correspondence.

Do you feel that India is right in monitoring smartphone users communications or do you think it’s all taking things a bit too far in the name of security?

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