HP TouchPad Possibly Gaining Music and Movie Stores

Seems like everyone in the mobile space wants a store these days, and HP isn’t about to be left behind in the dirt when it comes to webOS as the word is the HP TouchPad webOS tablet may be getting a music and movie store of its own.

According to an article over on Ubergizmo by way of Mobiputing, the guys over at Pre Central have been tipped off that HP could well be working on new music and movie stores for webOS devices including the HP TouchPad tablet.

Apparently the new stores will be known as the HP Music Store and HP Movie Store (not very inventive there then,) albeit the info has only been leaked and not yet confirmed by HP but no doubt they will get round to that sometime later.

According to the outed info the stores will feature a cloud based storage locker where users can store their movies and music so they can access them when out and about on their webOS enabled device, which one could say resembles Amazons offering.

Apparently though HP is going a step further by using an algorithm to locate the type of music a user is most likely to want and caches them on your device so an Internet connection will not be required.

Are there any webOS fans out there? Does this sound like a good addition to webOS? Fell free to let us know your views on the matter in our comments area below.

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