iPhone 5 or White iPhone 4 Poll Results: Most Wanted Is?

We asked yesterday what Apple smartphone do you want the most and the results are now in, this is what we call the “Most Wanted”.

Yesterday we started a poll asking you one simple question, which was “What Apple Smartphone You Want The Most?” we gave you the choice of the iPhone 5, White iPhone 4, White iPhone 5 and None of the above.

The Results After One Day:

So far up until now this poll received 975 votes with the iPhone 5 being at the top with (62.0%, 603 Votes), then it goes as follows: White iPhone 5 (31.0%, 300 Votes), White iPhone 4 (6.0%, 56 Votes) and None of the above (2.0%, 16 Votes).

So given the choice of these phones the Apple iPhone 5 is the most wanted Apple smartphone with 603 votes out of 975, the white iPhone 4 seems to be popular with 300 votes. Oh Apple you should release the iPhone 5 before the white iPhone 4 because this is what customers want.

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