iTunes 10.2.2 Released by Apple with Bug Fixes

Apple has now released iTunes 10.2.2 to the masses, but don’t go expecting any real big changes with the new iTunes release as all this version does is deliver a few bug fixes for those that may have been experiencing and bugs of course.

According to an article over on iPhone Download Blog they attempted to sync their jailbroken iPhone with iTunes 10.2.2 and apparently didn’t have any problems so it appears iTunes 10.2.2 is jailbreak safe something that has been confirmed by MuscleNerd via Twitter.

As for those bug fixes in iTunes 10.2.2 they address a problem with iTunes being unresponsive when syncing with the Apple iPad, fixes video preview skipping on the iTunes store, resolves a problem with syncing images taking longer, and other stability and performance improvement.

And that’s about your lot, nothing else new and exciting on offer with this latest update to iTunes which can be installed straight from iTunes or the Apple website, but if you do happen to come across anything of interest feel free to share in our comments area below.

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