White iPhone 4 Three UK April 20 Delivery Mix Up

The Apple White iPhone 4 release date continues and there seems to be a mix up over on the Three UK website with delivery of this iOS device.

There are many sites mentioning a few details about Three UK website showing the white iPhone 4 on its system with a April 20th delivery stamped on it, Engadget and Recombu have both reported on this and we want to get to the bottom of this.

We reported yesterday that the White iPhone 4 may possible release on April 26 and of course this has not been confirmed by Apple so it is a matter of sit back and wait to see if this materializes.

If you visit Three UK you will see that they are showing the white iPhone 4 in 16 and 32GB versions with many tariff options, but when you click on a desired tariff it clearly shows that they do not have any stock and no dates or delivery dates are showing up, so is this a mix up on Three’s side or was it just to get you all visiting its website?

Engadget visited Three UK and they apparently were able to get to the order confirmation page, this is not the case for us, we could not see that at all.

We know the White iPhone 4 is coming, but as for the release date that still remains a mystery. Please join us on Facebook or Twitter for instant updates on the above news.

Source – iDB

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