Android Faithful Hate Apple And Wouldn’t Buy iPhone

Now we all know there’s no real love lost between the iOS faithful and the Android faithful and both sides will defend their chosen platform to the bitter end. Apple gear has dominated the mobile space for quite some time but Android is eating away at Apple, and will undoubtedly become the most dominant in the mobile arena.

Well according to an article over on Cnet, it appears that according to a recent survey by Business Insider, although iOS users would purchase an Android device if there was an Android handset that was “better in most key ways than an iPhone,” it appears that Android users aren’t so willing to swap to the iPhone.

According to the survey, which consisted of mostly Android and iPhone users, most of those Android users said they wouldn’t consider purchasing an iPhone, the reason for this is because they “hate Apple,” although the survey doesn’t go into why said Android users hate Apple.

Apparently the survey took in over 2000 participants and according to the figures only 31.2 percent of Android user would consider buying an iPhone if said iOS device “worked better with non-iPhone apps and products.”

However; apparently 55.7 percent of Android users marked the box that indicated “Nothing: I hate Apple.”

So our question is, do our Android toting users really hate Apple rather than just disliking the iPhone, and if so why do you hate Apple? Have to say I am one of the Android faithful, but personally I don;t actually hate Apple or the iPhone. Feel free to voice your opinions to our comments area below.


3 thoughts on “Android Faithful Hate Apple And Wouldn’t Buy iPhone”

  1. Beaker says:

    Interesting. I'm android faithful but my reason I would never switch to apple is more simple.I like to be in control. If I want to change my battery, I will. If I want to add storage in the form of sd cards, I will.if I want to risk installing apps from somewhere other than the market, or upgrade the os to a custom rom, I canDo that too. I also like the tighter integration with gmail, maps, calendar etc.In my opinion, googles services are far better, but I do hate with a passion, itunes! Fiddling with cables, apple wanting my credit card details despite having credit just winds me up no end. Wish I bought my daughter a san fran to play angry birds on!

    1. Nick Landis says:

      Really?? The number one reason I love iOS is iTunes integration. I love the fact that I can buy my music, movies, TV shows, apps, and books from one account (On which I don't have a credit card by the way) I love That I can use all my content whether I'm using them on my iPod, PC, or Apple TV (Wirelesslly. I only have one cable I use and that's my battery charger so I need that anyway…)

  2. Gaz says:

    Personally, they are way behind. Apple feel fit to sell a MacBook Pro for £1300 when I can spec a windows laptop for a fraction of the price and run absolutely anything on it. I don't care how nice it looks, I want it to carry out tasks, not blend in with my new coffee table. The iPhone, my life where do I start? These adverts now. Lithium Polymer battery? Nothing new there. Video? Yawn, £30 in Tesco will get me a video enabled phone, 4 years ago!!! Browse? Play? Listen? Wake up Apple fans. Yep, it's a good phone, looks good and works well but if you take those Apple blinkers off for a second, you will see that an Android phone does everything an iPhone can and more without being LOCKED into the Apple dungeon. I can plug in my Android phone and drag and drop into my music folder from my laptop or desktop PC. No need to convert as it has all codecs installed. Videos are the same, drag and drop and they are there. I can install a larger battery, larger SD card (32gb max but if the need arose {can't think why}, I can carry another card in my pocket). Once my contract is done, I can Root my phone and the world is my oyster. One other thing I can't stand about iPhone users is the way they refer to their phone. iPhone. Where's my iPhone? I'll check that on my iPhone. Your phone you nugget. I don't say "I'll just pop this pizza in my Ariston WFE23001" Nuggets!!!

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